***We want to make sure all of our events are fun and safe for everyone, so anyone who does not comply will be asked to leave                                                                    immediately and  will be prohibited from attending future events.***
Rules and Requests

​​Because kids will be allowed to participate at the events, the following rules are in place for everyone:

*NO Drugs
*NO illegal racing
*NO Burnouts
*No Alcohol
*NO Fighting
*NO Trash Talking​​​​​​​
*No selling items or services 
​(Yes you may put your ​​business out there as long as no sale takes place on the premises during the meet) 

We know that this seems to be a lot of "NO's" but our number one priority is to make sure everyone is safe, again this is a mature event, so I'm sure most of you​​ will understand.

We thank you in advance for participating and complying with us. ​

We are seeking representatives from the following groups:

*Old School
*Specialty/ Concepts​​​​​​

Their job as representatives will be to coordinate and organize that group with the meets and events.​​

​​​​If you are interested or think you know someone that may be, please contact us and let us know​.